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The Devil's Attic (2021 Review)

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

The Devil's Attic 647 W. Hill St. Louisville, KY 40208

Date of Visit: 9/17/21 Reviewer: Lindsay


On a quiet stretch of Hill Street in Louisville, just past a busy intersection, sits a massive old building. It seems unobtrusive at a glance, with its weathered bricks and faded, patchy sign from a business shuttered long ago. But what if I told you that just beyond the door of this place lies a literal portal to purgatory? A gateway to the darkest corner of the underworld, where some of the foulest creations known to humanity have been banished forever?

Hell is real, and it's waiting for you. Welcome to The Devil's Attic.

The Devil's Attic first joined Kentucky's collection of haunted attractions in 2009. Now in its 12th year of operation, the Attic has become an immensely popular choice among local haunt-goers, drawing big crowds throughout the season. It does have a storyline, in that The Devil Himself has spent eternity collecting evil souls, and storing them away in his own little circle of Hell - his "attic", if you will. For centuries these vile spirits have been locked away, waiting to unleash their wrath upon their victims once again. Should you choose to step into this dimension of the damned, know that you will be dealing with some of the worst of the worst... enter at your own risk!

General admission tickets to The Devil's Attic are priced at $24. Out of every haunted house in the area, this is probably the one where arriving early is most important - again, it's super popular, and both the parking lot and queue tend to fill up quickly. If you think you'll be arriving during a peak time, or you roll up and see that the line is full, they do offer Speed Pass tickets ($32) to reduce the wait. (Tip: if you like to save money, sign up for the mailing list on their website! You'll receive frequent e-mails with coupons for $2 off.)

After you have your tickets, you can make your way to the haunt's well organized line, where they've got videos playing on a screen and appropriate music playing as you wait. (You'd be smart to watch your back, though... The Devil hasn't quite managed to seal *every* evil soul within that building. My path to the ticket booth was immediately barred by an imposing pig-faced butcher, and standing in line had me dodging constant attacks by the Attic's resident vampire, Orlock.) Shortly before your turn, you can have your photo taken with some cool props, which you'll have the option to purchase when- or if- you exit the house. Eventually, your group will be called up the stairs, given a few rules... and then sent inside. Be prepared, because once that door slams shut behind you, your journey through Hell has begun.

Given that it's supposed to be an assortment of some of the scariest monsters and villains out there, it makes sense that each room inside The Devil's Attic is different - and let me tell you, he's amassed quite a collection! Most of the scenes you'll walk through involve classic monsters or horror themes, such as a torture chamber, a castle inhabited by bloodthirsty vampires and vicious werewolves, and Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. But they've got a few treats for guests who love scary movies, too. These range from films many people will recognize, like their puzzling SAW trap, to more obscure references... I'll admit that I'd never seen "Maniac" prior to coming here, and was totally unprepared for that room full of creepy mannequins! Every scene has been well designed, with most possessing some kind of special effect (you might get wet in here), and a few are amazingly detailed (Frank's lab, Evil Dead) and worth taking a look around in...

...but good luck with that, because their actors are going to be waiting to strike at every available opportunity! I visit around twenty or more haunted attractions per season, and out of all of them, I can safely say that The Devil's Attic has one of the most energetic casts I've ever seen. They did have some new actors this year, as pretty much every haunt does, but most every character I encountered jumped into their role with gusto, including the "victims". And the aggression I got from some of them was crazy - the doctor in one scene (that I'm not going to spoil) got so uncomfortably close, and swung the weapon in his hand around with such reckless abandon that I was genuinely scared he was going to hit me! I'd also like to drop a little shout out to The Devil, who has a new actor in the role as of 2020 - he's learned to project his voice perfectly through that silicone mask, and has made a huge improvement from the previous season.

This was actually the first haunt for the 2021 season that I did not visit on their opening night or weekend; it was weekend two for them. (For any other reviewers out there - if you are going to review, they do ask that you visit after opening weekend.) While the show was still very "green", this haunt has always put on a solid performance and I didn't notice much that time won't resolve. They don't have a whole lot of space out front, but I think it would be a real boost to the haunt's atmosphere if they could add a little more to occupy or entertain customers. I know the owner has been trying to find food trucks to have on site during October, when they see the largest crowds, and that will definitely help.

The Devil's Attic is another haunt I have been faithfully attending for eight years, and every year they deliver a show that is consistently unique, intense, and fun. As an added bonus, they are close to several other attractions in the Louisville area, making it easy to work them in to a full night of scary adventures. Come check out this little corner of Hell and see what The Devil's keeping in his house of horrors... he has such sights to show you.


ENVIRONMENT: 7/10 - Haunt itself looks awesome; some rooms are heavier on detail than others, but they all get the point across. Outside isn't bad at all with the limited space. Adding a food option will help, and maybe one more form of entertainment on the busier nights.

ACTING: 8/10 - The enthusiasm from this cast was crazy! Not a dead room in the place, either - if you think you're alone, you are not. Time will make them even better.

SCARE FACTOR: 8/10 - Actors were well concealed until they wanted you to see them, providing good startles. Some of the more visible ones weren't afraid to really go after you.

OVERALL: 8/10 - Another great year for a haunt that's become a staple in the local scene. Nice job!

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